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Smile Makeover Excellence - Christopher Pescatore, DMD Smile Gallery

Welcome to our Smile Gallery. Please enjoy some of Danville cosmetic dentist, Dr. Christopher Pescatore's amazing smile transformations. I'm sure you can find a situation similar to yours in our Smile Gallery, so please call for a consultation to see what amazing results can be yours!


  All pictures are of actual patients treated by Dr. Christopher Pescatore    



A sample of the professional models treated by Dr. Pescatore 


 The Classic Smile Makeover

Does your smile need a "makeover"?   Porcelain veneers just might be the answer!



Ortho-Veneering - Fixing Crooked Teeth

Not every adult has the time, or the desire, to go through the orthodontic process to get straight teeth. In many cases, veneers can transform crooked teeth to straight, beautiful teeth in a matter of weeks, and without the need for years of braces or invisible retainers.



Diastema Closure - Closing Spaces

Spaces between teeth can easily be closed with all-porcelain restorations!


Discolored / Yellow Teeth

As we age, our teeth can get more discolored (yellow). Porcelain veneers can bring back the youth to your smile and give you a Smile Lift!


Old Crowns

Old crowns and unsightly margins (darkness at the gum-line) can easily be fixed with new all-ceramic crowns


Worn Teeth / Old Fillings

Many times, with worn and shortened teeth, they do not show when you smile. A Smile Makeover can restore your smile for you!



Small cases, yet dramatic results (The smallest things do make the biggest difference)


On the patient above, only his front 4 teeth were veneered


This patient only needed 2 teeth veneered (prepless veneers) to give her the natural result she wanted. 

One tooth on each side of her front teeth were veneered to give her the proper curvature to her smile line. These custom made veneers were made by Dr. Christopher Pescatore utilizing his high-tech CADCAM equipment.

This patient (below) also had the same two teeth veneered to give her the desired smile 


Dark Teeth (Tetracycline Staining)


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