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Dr. Christopher Pescatore's Published Articles

Dr. Pescatore has frequently been asked to write articles showcasing his cosmetic dental  work. In addition, his work has been used in marketing materials for dental companies,  laboratories, and in brochures used in dental offices around the country.

Dentistry By Dr. Christopher Pescatore Article

Porcelain Veneers & Posterior Restorations

Patient Smile Guide by Dr. Pescatore

Smile Makeovers by Dr. Christopher Pescatore

Smile makeovers on models (above) done by Dr. Pescatore

Dr. Pescatore Article in CAD/CAM Magazine


Practical Periodontics and Aesthetic Dentistry

Figs 8-17 were done by Dr. Pescatore      


        Dental Products Report Article by Dr. Pescatore

 Inside Dentistry Article by Dr. Pescatore

BelleGlass HP Article by Dr. Pescatore


Replacement of Amalgam Fillings with Composite Resin Restorations


A Clinical Case Presentation by Dr. Pescatore


The New Ceramic Material For the 21st Century


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