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Dr. Christopher Pescatore Patient Testimonials

Please take a moment to read testimonials provided by patients who have visited Danville, California cosmetic dentist Dr. Christopher Pescatore. Please call or email our Danville cosmetic dental office if you have a testimonial you would like to share with our patients and website visitors. 

Dr. Pescastore,

I just had to take a minute to let you know how much me and my family appreciate everything you have done for us. When we met in 2001 I was honestly anxious about the work I needed to have done. I was nervous about the results and also about the potential pain it might take to achieve the smile I wanted. You were so thorough in your evaluation of my extensive dental history and so clear in your explanation of the procedures required that I felt confident to take your recommendations and trust my smile to you. I have never regretted that decision. I am so grateful for the way you and your wonderful staff made every appointment as easy and comfortable as it could possibly have been. I was always happy to be going there knowing I would be treated so well and love the results. I still feel the same way, and look forward to my appointments with you and your caring staff. I really enjoy the spa like feeling and always leave there more relaxed than when I arrived. My friends are always surprised to learn that I look forward to my dentist appointments as they are lamenting about theirs.

I am especially grateful for the way you have treated my daughters. They too had many dentists before you and were nervous about going to the dentist. Thanks to you and Stacey and the rest of your wonderful staff they now share my feeling about going to the dentist and are happy to be there. Brooke is so afraid of needles that even at seventeen years old she still cries if she thinks she might get a shot at the doctors office. She was very nervous before her first appointment with you, in spite of mine and her sisters assurance that it really wouldn't hurt. Thank you for proving us right. Now even Brooke is not afraid to go to the dentist. I also want you to know how grateful I am for the emergency care you gave Sadie when she chipped her front tooth. I really appreciate you changing your own plans for the day to help her. She was so upset about the way her tooth looked that she cried all the way to your office. She, like me, left your office that day feeling great about herself and her smile. You have really made a positive difference in our lives and we are all so grateful to you for it. We all look forward to seeing you and your great team for our future dental needs.

With Great Respect and Many Thanks,

Pennie Gaddis

I look back at old photographs and realize I spent years hiding teeth. I had braces in my 30s and made the mistake of having my orthodontist apply veneers to my discolored, misshapen teeth. I was his first veneers patient, and I learned that when you're having cosmetic dentistry done, you should have a cosmetic dentist do it. When I decided to have those veneers replaced, I found an expert Dr. Pescatore. In fact, it was just a few weeks before my wedding that I asked Dr. Pescatore to do my smile makeover. I trusted him completely and knew from my first appointment that I was in good hands. He impressed me with his concern that my veneers look natural, and they do. My smile is huge in my wedding pictures, not only because I had a new husband but also because I had fabulous new teeth! I'm grateful to Dr. Pescatore and his caring, attentive staff for what they did for me. I finally have the smile I'd always wanted.

Evelyn Dalton

As a radio personality I am often in the public. When I heard that through aesthetic dentistry I would be able to improve my smile I was very interested. My first meeting with Dr. Pescatore and his wonderful staff put me at ease. I was informed about the entire procedure in advance. I had a complete smile makeover in just four painless sessions. The results have been life changing. I had just turned 50 at the time and was so excited to finally have the aesthetically pleasing smile that I had wanted all my life. Now when people see me they always comment on what beautiful teeth I have. I am so thankful to Dr. Pescatore.

Don Potter
Hometown Morning's
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First and foremost, I want to say that I am extremely pleased with the results of my recently completed 10-veneer smile make-over. Growing up without fluoridated water/toothpaste brought me to my initial consultation with lots of mileage on my teeth! I had braces in my late 40’s and was fairly pleased with the results, but my teeth continued to move, became increasingly discolored and some structural issues had resulted in some difficult-to-repair chipping on a front tooth. I’m very much a perfectionist, and my search for a specialist with focus on veneers and cosmetic dentistry led me to a strong recommendation for Dr. Pescatore and I’m very glad I took extra time to make my decision. His staff is professional and extremely friendly and last but not least, the entire procedure was painless.

Michael Collier