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Cosmetic Imaging

Cosmetic Dental Imaging in Danville, CA by Dr. Christopher Pescatore

Not happy with your smile? Do you wsh you could see how your new smile could look before committing to a smile makeover treatment plan? With the latest in advanced imaging technology utilized by Dr. Pescatore in our Danville dental office, you can now preview the smile of your dreams before treatment. See advanced imaging photos below.  

Whether you are considering teeth whitening, crowns. veneers or dental implants, Dr. Pescatore can create smile images for you so you can see your  new smile before treatment. Dr. Pescatore can usually do this while you wait so you can see your proposed new smile makeover at your first visit. From this proposal, you and Dr. Pescatore can discuss any of your concerns or further customize your new smile. What better way to create your own new unique beautiful smile!

Before Photo
 Before 2 Veneer Placements in Danville


After Photo - Two Front Teeth Only
After 2 Veneer Placements in Danville


After Photo - Four Front Teeth Only
After 4 Front Veneer Placements in Danville


After Photo- Full Smile Makeover
After a Full Smile Makeover in Danville


Please call the Danville cosmetic dental office of Dr. Pescatore at (925) 362-9330 for more information about cosmetic imaging or to schedule a free consultation.


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